Corsi di Burlesque Full Immersion a Milano e a Lugano

Per tutte quelle interessate ad i corsi di Burlesque che non hanno modo di frequentare i corsi settimanali ecco a voi i CORSI FULL IMMERSION della Champagne Academy of Burlesque Education.

Dedicati alle donne che vogliono riscoprire la propria femminilità ed acquisire sicurezza, a coloro che desiderano intraprendere la professione della Performer, e a coloro che semplicemente desiderano divertirsi imparando l’arte dell’ironica seduzione.

Non ci sono limiti di etá o requisiti fisici, l’importante é la voglia di mettersi in gioco e divertirsi.

Il corso base full immersion si articola in 3 incontri domenicali tematici da 4 ore ciascuno, in cui l’insegnante Miss Sophie Champagne, Performer professionista, vi parlerá del personaggio, del look e vi insegnerà passi e tecniche ed una semplice coreografia.

Date del corso full immersion a Milano:
25 Ottobre 2015 ore 14:00-18:00 “La Diva Retró”
Occorrente: boa di piume e guanti lunghi (acquistabili anche a lezione), vestito o sottoveste facile da sfilare dal basso, due reggiseni e due paia di mutandine, scarpe décolleté con tacco (scegliete un altezza a cui siete abituate)
15 Novembre 2015 ore 14:00-18:00 “La Bad Girl”
Occorrente: frustino (acquistabile anche a lezione), abbigliamento che vi faccia sentire una vera cattivona a vostro piacimento
13 Dicembre 2015 ore 14:00-18:00 “La Pin Up”
Occorrente: da concordarsi con l’insegnante

Date del corso full immersion a Lugano:
(Da definirsi al raggiungimento del numero minimo di iscritte)

Per informazioni e iscrizioni:
+39 392 9999809


Workshop con le artiste internazionali del Como Lake Burlesque Festival

Come ogni anno la Champagne Academy of Burlesque Education ha l’onore di ospitare i workshop delle artiste internazionali del Como Lake Burlesque Festival, 7 workshop imperdibili con convenientissimi pacchetti cumulativi.

Tutte le lezioni hanno una durata di 2 ore e costano 50 Euro (se acquistati singolarmente), si svolgono alla Palestra Cento, via Valleggio 16, Como.

Per acquistare online uno dei seguenti workshops o uno dei pacchetti cumulativi clicca qui.

Pacchetto “All The Workshops”: 175 euro (dá libero accesso a tutti e 7 i workshop)

Pacchetto 5 workshop: 150 euro (30 euro a workshop)

Pacchetto 4 workshop:140 euro (35 euro a workshop)

Pacchetto 3 workshop: 120 euro (40 euro a workshop)

Pacchetto 2 workshop: 90 euro (45 euro a workshop)

Ecco nel dettaglio tutti i workshop proposti:


Ore 11:00 “Creating Moments” with DD Starr (Toronto, CANADA)


Don’t miss the workshop with the Queen Of The Lake 2014, the fabulous DD Starr, winner of the first edition of Como Lake Burlesque Festival!
Creating Moments and Understanding Your Power.
Unleash your individual power and learn your best angles, lines & the power of the pause. Crafting everlasting moments by peeling with a purpose to add the magic to your performances. Bring a costume piece you want to practise with or gloves.


Ore 14:00 “Classic Burlesque” with Scarlett James (Montreal, CANADA)


Entering and exiting a stage gracefully, making a effect right a way, the walk, the message in the performance
and a few tricks of the trade…
all the little things and the little details that really ad to your acts.
Bring: leggings, big smile, high heels and corset.


Ore 16:00 “Acting in Burlesque” with Peggy De Lune (London, GB)


There’s more to burlesque than “Giving Good Face” and this workshop will teach you how to inject some true personality into your burlesque performances. Yes, we all have our gimmicks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a fierce dark act if you are considered to be the cheesecake queen – as long as you can pull of the change in character and commit to your choice! Focusing on concepts, facial expression, qualities of movement and injecting that extra “Oomph” to take your act above and beyond a basic striptease.

What to Bring: Any particular costumes or shoes that you are working in to bring out the character of your act. Clothes to move in and any props you would like to work with.



Ore 11:00 “Burlesque Striptease” with Scarlett James (Montreal, CANADA)


Express what you feel, the art of using your body on stage in a classic but strong manner.
Discover your physical asset and use it to your advantage tame your gloves and tame your boa,
Bring: leggings, big smile, high heels, boa & gloves


Ore 14:00 “Clowning Burlesque” with Annie Mae Allure (Kansas City, USA)


In this one hour workshop participants will learn basic clowning and mime techniques and how to incorporate them into a burlesque routine.
This workshop is intended for those who already have some experience with burlesque.
Participants will need to provide their own equipment: one pair of stockings, one pair of gloves, one boa or long scarf.


Ore 16:00 “Stage Presence” with Fanny di Favola (Stuttgart, GER)

The topics of this 2h workshop will be as follows:
– How do I get the crowd´s instant attention when entering the stage and how can i keep it throughout my performance?
– How should I execute my movements, so that the crowd will follow them and look at the very spots i want them to look at?
– How can I communicate with the crowd without using words in order to tell a story, utter an emotion etc.
– Holding eye contact with a crowd, mimics, building a suspense and more
– Switching between the position of the entertainer and the crowd for a better general understanding of points of view and reception


Ore 18:00 “Basic Showdancing” with Celeste De Moriae (Esslingen, GER)


We start with a bit theoretical parts:
– A short introduce of the participants, and why they do this workshop.
– Differences between a `normal` and a `show` dancer.
– Outfits
– How you can perform on every kind of music.
– Tips for relaxing during the show
– Face acting
– What to do, when you on stage and music stops.

After this we go bring the theoretical parts into practical parts:
– warm up.
– Basics of a show dancer. Mowing, acting and dancing.
– How you can perform on every kind of music.
– Tips for relaxing during the show
– Face acting
– What to do, when you on stage and music stops.
– We will learn a small choreography.
– Then everybody can practise the choreography and bring some own ideas.
– Presentation of the own idea.

– Answers and Questions.

Participants should bring two pairs of shoes. Heels or pumps, they are sure, they can dance in it and flat shoes.
Outfit how you like, if you want you can wear your stage costume.

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